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Hello everyone,

I am Natty. Originally I am from Thailand, however back in 2018 I moved to the Netherlands where I live with my husband.


My love for handmade crafts stems from the time when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I can still remember the time we made roses out of cloth ribbons for valentine’s season. I loved making the artificial roses and we made a lot of money selling these for our school.

All About Me

In the years after this I always liked staying busy doing some sort of craft and being creative. So when I left Thailand in 2018 and moved to the Netherlands I had to find something nice to do in my spare time. This time however I started making artificial flowers out of crepe paper. While it started out as a hobby and creative outlet I received a lot of positive feedback from my friends and acquaintances. Pretty soon people started asking me if it was possible to buy flowers for gifts. One acquaintance actually wanted to give friends of hers a replica of their wedding bouquet for their 50th wedding anniversary. There was just one catch, there were no colour pictures of the original bouquet! Using the black and white pictures and the memory of the customer we managed to make a very nice replica and they were overjoyed with their gift. The fact that I was a part of bringing so much happiness to someone’s life was such a great feeling for me.

And so the idea of expanding my hobby in to a small shop was born. Now I can spread flowers and happiness to everyone who could use a little colour or joy in their lives.

The Flowers / Shop

Located in the Netherlands, Natty Paper Flowers specializes in artificial floral decorations made out of crepe paper.

Each flower is hand made down to the individually sculpted flower petals.

For my flowers I only use high quality materials such as Italian crepe paper and give them extra UV protection so your flowers will stay beautiful for a long time.

These floral decorations are a nice way to accessorize your home,

shop or special event.

If you are interested in ordering any flowers please contact me through email. We will discuss your wishes and customize a product just for you!

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